Onions out of bangladesh tests

Onions out of bangladesh tests

By Mohan Malhotra, Reuters

The Indian Meteorol로얄 바카라ogical Department (IMD) will test onion samples of different varieties in the aftermath of a severe monsoon this week.

A monsoon, an intense rainfall tha천안출장마사지 t lasts until June and provides moisture for crops in the dry season, brings a new threat to the world’s 1.3 billion people. While in India the rains can last up to six months, in Thailand, Bangladesh and other parts of the southeast monsoon region, it is less than three months.

The rains from September are expected to be stronger in Thailand this year. The IMD’s head of research, Dr Nandayake Vayasram, said there was a strong possibility that some onions might have been tampered with and the findings would be shared with consumers.

It will take about two weeks to evaluate all samples in the field, including those from the Indian and Bangladeshi counties, he said.

But, says Vayasram, because some areas have already gone through the first major monsoon this season, that information could not be shared until some further tests were done.

“We ar온라인 바카라 추천e studying onion samples from these samples as to whether they are tampered with,” he said.