Royal wedding tour fundraising on track

Royal wedding tour fundraising on track

Roughly 90 people have joined their fellow guests at a natyasastra.comfundraiser to help pay for a rough-and-tumble wedding on Vancouver Island.

The fundraiser, organized by the Vancouver Island Fun Festival and co-organizers with the B.C. Couples’ Association is an opportunity for families and individuals to have a wedding on the coast from the air.

But for a wedding reception to be successful, it has to be in a quiet, forested, secluded spot.

The Vancouver Island Fun Festival recently held a fundraiser to raise money for a rough-and-tumble wedding tour to take place over Vancouver Island on Oct. 30 and 31. (CBC)

That’s why organizers asked people to make sure they attended the event, so they could pay for plane tickets, accommodation and a group book on site.

For a wedding reception, some 400 people in all attended the event in a beautiful setting at a Vancouver Island church.

But just for one day, the $60,000 fundraising goal doesn’t cover the actual costs of the reception.

Instead, organizers and some 300 friends and family members of guests attended this year’s fundraising event in hopes of raising the amount needed to fly four couples back to Vancouver Island with enough airfare in advance.

“I had absolutely no idea how many people would be attending this, how many families would be attending this event and what people might do to make this experience and this wedding come together,” said Joanne Regan, executive director of the Vancouver Island Fun Festival.

“Thi바카라s is a very special day and a momentous occasion, but also something we’ve had to take care of. So that’s where we’re at with our fundraising.”

The event includes live music, entertainment and family activities, including a barbecue with우리카지노 three-star dinner.