Elon musk sacks 9pc tesla staff wall st trump kim summit

Elon musk sacks 9pc tesla staff wall st trump kim summit.

1. Tesla Motors Inc. – 13:17 am EDT – Tesla CEO Elon Musk said his company has completed its first mass production of the Tesla Model 3, according to a new blog p더킹카지노ost. Tesla, which first announced its plans to build a mass-market electric car in 2017, will begin production this fall for a November debut.

2. Apple Inc. – 6:50 am EDT – Apple CEO Tim Cook gave a surprise interview at his South by Southwest conference with President Donald Trump. He said it seems like the tech industry has taken over the Republican party, saying they “are the biggest threat” to the U.S. economy. “A year ago we didn’t believe we could be the largest economy in the world and this is just the beginning,” Cook said, noting that Apple is investing more than $2 billion in the United States.

3. Apple Inc. – 5:52 am EDT – Apple CEO Tim Cook will have a press conference on Friday morning for the first time since joining Donald Trump’s presidential transition team earlier this month. “We have very significant work to do and the opportunities for growth are enormous,” Cook said to the AP. “We’re always looking for ways to do more.” He said Apple is planning to open factories, expand operations in the United States and invest more in R&D, hiring workers and investing in research and development.

4. Tesla Motors Inc. – 6:18 am EDT – Tesla Motors Inc. CEO Elon Musk has delivered his keynote address at this year’s San Francisco tech conference, according to an invitation published by the company on its website. Musk said “we’ve reached the point in time where a big shift is inevitable” after the release of a new Model 3 electric sedan in June. The car, which costs $37,000, could start appearing on sale by next year, Musk added, adding that “the only question is when.”

5. TPG Energy Resources Inc – 7:06 am EDT – The Nation바카라al Grid said Thursday it expects a power outage in parts of the West Midlands after an off the grid transfor더킹카지노mer was knocked out.

6. Apple Inc – 4:36 pm EDT – Apple chief executive Tim Cook is at the United Nations General Assembly to deliver the world’s largest company keynote address. Cook shared his vision of future economic prosperity that he described as a “one-industry economy.” During his address, Cook told a room full of executives from around the world to work hard and compete. He sai