Sa celebrates same sex marriage result

Sa celebrates same sex marriage result

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A legal challenge has been launched against the Government’s controversial plan for equal marriage by Same Sex Couples and Families who claim its effect on them is ‘cruel and unusual punishment’ because of ‘disparate treatment’ of men and women.

The case was heard before a three-judge court in Brighton, UK, on Friday, but it has now been launched in the UK supreme court.

The High Court ordered a report on whether the proposal will cause ‘discriminatory, unjust and irrational conduct’ and ‘tendencies which cannot be justified’ by current practice, which바카라사이트 it confirmed is ‘currently available’.

A spokesman said: “An order from this court has already been filed, although it has not been released, and it will now be sent back for further proceedings.”

Earlier today, same sex marriage equality campaigners and supporters protested outside the High Court.

As the judge who dismissed the petition, Lord Bingham, announced his intention to strike down the Equality Act, saying it had failed ‘to take into account the fact that the question is one of equality of the sexes, which the law does not contemplate’.

In an emotional victory for same sex couples, the ruling was greeted with huge applause by thousands who watched the judges ruling in the public gallery.

As Mr Bingham said the judge had acted ‘in accordance with the law of the land’, there was a “dramatic silence” after he had sai우리카지노d the move had been “consistent with what is acceptable in the British legal system, particularly as that law i우리카지노s, as we all know, so fragile”.

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The High Court order said Mr Bingham would publish his judgement by Friday and any appeal should be heard before the end of May.

A letter being prepared for Lord Bingham read: “I take the view that it would be contrary to all the principles and aims of the judiciary to allow the case to have to be taken back if he feels that any of the provisions of the Equality Act do not properly take account of the fact that this matter was once once again before this court.

“It is only now that I am aware of the gravity of the issue that I feel that I cannot accept having the case dismissed in this particular way.”

But the High Court had previously said it might want Mr Bingham to set up a hearing board in case it had to reconsider its decision.

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