The drum friday january 11-15 2015, this is why you were there

The drum friday january 11-15 2015, this is why you were there! the band plays as well as ever, some of the lyrics are very original, many are just pure gold, for the most part, everyone is just as amazing!

welp, the band is back and it’s time to see some shows in the park to cool you off!

The whole band makes a stop at a local movie theater. this is when they got really in it, and the band just played an extremely energetic set. it was fun, I would definately have seen them at the festival if I could have taken tickets!

i’ve talked about the band before, their first gig was in the park in May of 2014 with a big crowd, and this is the second time they played a show, with an even bigger crowd! They played all ages, from kids to adults, the band was always up for anything. their set at the theater showed us that when the band was awesome and performing well they could really rock!

their set was extremely good, they played a great song after a song that never leaves our top 20. I know it took 3 months, but it did pay off with the album, which they are working on now! we were in awe of all the guys in the band at this show, including their drummer, who is so cool! They played and sang a lot, natyasastra.comand the set was always fun.

the show is a highlight of the festival, every other band in the lineup played, and this is where they really outdid themselves! with two full tracks from their 바카라next album, we were completely sold on this band!

great show, great sound

They were fantastic at playing their music live as well, and the set list really got people going.

This is the year that i will definitely be attending and planning my next trip there
The band was incredible, they hit it out of the park from cover to cover!

This is the only gig i have ever seen in the park in all of my years of attending and participating in this festival… the crowd is insane, we had a great time and enjoyed the band all night, we will be back when this band plays at next year’s park fest!

Fantastic shows with such an enthusiastic group. Love the energy and the passion they bring to the music.

They didn’t disappoint as well – very diverse rock acts that are just as good the next day.

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