Burma cyclone death toll hits 15000

Burma cyclone death toll hits 바카라사이트15000

Posted: 04 February 2010 00:45 GMT

THE death toll of the Myanmar cyclone that killed more than 15,000 has risen to 15,081, the latest report shows.

Khamgok was the strongest hurricane in the satellite-based MetE 4 satellite system, which tracks cyclones in East Asia.

It was located on the island of Kachin in Myanmar’s northwestern region.

The storm has caused flooding and loss of life in parts of Kachin state and is still likely to make landfall in the western Indian Ocean on Thursday.

Khamgok has been linked to four previous cyclone events in 2012.

The number of people killed has risen to 11,500, said the National Disaster Management Agency (NDMA) earlier.

The maximum death toll is predicted to reach 13,000.

The agency blamed the weather conditions for the increase in deaths.

The storm has caused widespread damage and widespread losses of life throughout the country and brought massive flash floods and mudslides.

It has also wreaked havoc on communications, roads and power grids across Myanmar.

Khamgok is the longest major cyclone ever recorded in the northern part of East Asia.

Khamgok is forecast to weaken and move southwards, passing over a series of Myanmar islands on its path into the southern Indian Ocean.

After reaching landfall on Thursday, it has weakened and now sits approximately 1,100km off the coa바카라사이트st of China, where it is expected to weaken and gradually sink towards Malaysia.

A report released on February 2 by the UN Environment Programme (UNEP) said the storm would have killed 1.8 million people and caused 1.4 million casualties had it been located at the coast of China, as predicted by satellite data.

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