Former labor treasurer michael aird on laborshift

Former labor treasurer michael aird on laborshift

BARTIROMO — A day after formnatyasastra.comer state labor treasurer Michael Aird was fired over his alleged “sexually abusive” behavior, the board fired him without explanation Thursday.

Gov. Jerry Brown announced in a news conference that Aird, 62, was fired following a board meeting Thursday at the Coliseum. Aird has been suspended pending an investigation from the Los Angeles Police Department, which will deter우리카지노mine if the accusations against him are substantiated and if they are believed to be credible, officials said.

“While we would like to be careful in this instance with our language to avoid using inappropriate language, we are absolutely shocked and heartbroken by the allegation that has been made against Michael Aird,” Brown said in a statement on Friday. “It is our intent to conduct a thorough investigation. Our hearts go out to the entire staff and administration involved.”

Aird was named treasurer after former Gov. Gray Davis was appointed treasurer of the state Department of Motor Vehicles. Davis was impeached in 1999, and both men resigned their posts following the charges.

On Thursday, Aird and a third man, William Hurd, claimed in a statement they were fired after being asked to leave in October. Hurd, who worked as a cashier at a Las Vegas gambling casino, denied the claims in the statement.

Davis ordered the state Department of Motor Vehicles t더킹카지노o hire a law firm to investigate and decide if Aird or Hurd were in the right.

Thursday’s announcement was first reported by ABC7.