Arsenal net away goal in 1 1 draw with chelsea

Arsenal net away goal in 1 1 draw with chelsea?

What can we expect from our big matches at Arsenal at home against Chelsea and away against Tottenham on Saturday?

Arsenal v Chelsea

The tie should start well for Arsenal given we are a point below Liverpool in the table and have yet to lose any of their games against Chelsea.

However, Chelsea look to be having issues in central midfield and there should be more to it than this. Chelsea are also struggling with possession and we may need to be content with being a bit 더킹카지노more direct and open as we look to make the difference on the counter-attack.

Sergio Aguero is a player we can depend on바카라사이트 and will give us another spark of strength in attack and a reliable source of goals as he returns to form. He is a fantastic fit for the club and will push forward well but will also need to adapt to being an extra midfielder and defensive midfielder at once.

Chelsea are also struggling in central midfield and are missing key players like David Luiz and Kurt Zouma, which is not good news for those of us who are hoping for more attacking and creative spark.

Aguero is a good player but has not been the most consistent in terms of performances to date. The Chilean has been fantastic when he has been fit and has shown that he can be an effective striker and has a quality and dangerous left foot. His current form will mean Chelsea need to be patient with him as he only really needs to prove himself and score a couple of goals as that is the kind of goal he has always shown.

Gareth Barry has played in all but two matches of the season in the centre-back position and given his versatility with both centre-back positions he may prove to be the man of the match as the Blues go against a team that are having a great season in central midfield.

Sergio Aguero on the subject of not starting in the cup final

Aguero has been a major problem for Chelsea in the centre-back position for a number of seasons bu바카라사이트t in fact he has played a great amount of football in the same position last season. That is not to say he will never feature in the first team but at this stage it is the left wing-back position that should be the target for him.

Jose Mourinho told Fabregas in an interview last season that there were times when Fabregas could do with a rest and that the England player was looking to get back to his best.

Sergio Ag