Family friends farewell go between mclennan/shenanigans

Family friends farewell go between mclennan/shenanigans Is John McDonnell a psychopath?

Bertrand has done more than anyone to damage Jeremy Corbyn’s reputation in recent times. The MP for Islington North has campaigned for his opponent, Andy Burnham, to be returned as mayor of Kensington, has campaigned against trade unionisation and is a vocal critic of Corbyn.

The latest revelations are embarrassing to McDonnell, whose campaign team had claimed this weekend that it was바카라사이트 true that he had never seen McDonnell “make decisions” about whether to enter the Labour leadership race.

McDonnell has refused to apologise, which is why the Conservatives are planning to challenge him at the second ballot. A group of about 250 leftwingers is org바카라anising the “Corbyn-McDonnell Run”, with an intent to put McDonnell against him. They had hoped to pressure the then leader of the party, John McDonnell, to quit the contest by staging a coup.

But today it emerged that John McDonnell has “caught the goo”, a reference to his apparent obsession with cleaning it up after himself and by the shadow chancellor.

A바카라 former Conservative party official was quoted in The Sunday Times yesterday as saying: “I can understand why he’s been so upset, there seems to be a bit of an obsession with getting rid of a Labour shadow. I think people can understand that but he could have seen it coming.”

Some Labour Party members have already started speculating on social media about “the purge”, although most dismissed it as a waste of energy. The former Tory treasurer Alastair Campbell told the Sunday Times: “If this is going to be the main thing that leads to the resignations then it’s very pointless, it would probably be better to spend all our energy on putting up one man against another.”

A spokesperson for McDonnell’s party said: “We will be calling a second hustings for the New Labour period in order to provide additional time for supporters to support our candidates.”