Victims face paedophile teacher for sentencing hearing

Victims face paedophile teacher for sentencing hearing

LAWRENCE SMITH/FAIRFAX NZ Children were abused by a former teacher at the School of Childhood Youth and Young People. He was jailed for 12 years yesterday, after a court heard how abuse went on for years.

A former teacher at Westpac’s school of childhood youth and young people who admitted having sexual relationships with two boys he was supposed to supervise was sentenced to jail for 12 years yesterday, after admitting the abuse.

Judge Elizabeth Scott said the victims we우리카지노re “not only traumatised by witnessing horrific우리카지노 acts, but 바카라by being held down, physically and psychologically, by the power and control of these perpetrators.”


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It was a shocking case of sexual abuse by a man who worked as a child-rearing assistant, the judge told RNZ.

“That is one of the reasons this judge is so concerned about this case because the impact on these children is likely to be catastrophic.”

Judge Scott said the court was satisfied that the victim’s testimony gave sufficient evidence of the extent of the victim-blaming towards the perpetrator and the fact the victims were reluctant to come forward.

The children in the court case included a 13-year-old who was assaulted by a former teacher at his school who is now out on bail after being charged.

The 11-year-old victim’s mother asked the court for leniency on the man, who was sentenced to 12 years.

“To me he is a predator,” the mother said.

The mother told the court her son had always felt “disturbed” by his teacher’s inappropriate advances and that he had been ashamed to have been raped by him.

“His life has changed so much,” she said.

The mother said her son had been raped multiple times by two former teachers at the school, and had repeatedly complained about his behaviour with the principal.

“My son now has been told we will lose our house and all of our possessions,” the mother said.

The court heard how the victim’s dad was also a victim of sexual abuse.

RNZ revealed on Wednesday that a man, who worked as a teacher at the school, and tw