Pisa australia ranks poorly but what can we learn from it

Pisa australia ranks poorly but what can we learn from it?

A study by a Swiss research group has revealed a stark economic and fiscal deficit between Italy and Portugal: a whopping 11.3% of GDP. It’s actually higher than a staggering 14.4% recorded in the UK, 12.1% in Spain, and 13.7% in Finland.더킹카지노

If it wasn’t for this deficit Greece would have a surplus of just over 1%. It’s not just bad economics, the EU is spending twice as much money.

So what makes Europe so good? The answer lies deep inside its institutions – they’re not a problem for Europe because they’re in keeping with its strengths.

Instead, what matters is its economic policies. Without sound macroeconomic policy in Europe, we might lose our competitiveness, our ability to export, our ability to generate the necessary i바카라nnovation, and our ability to finance the very activities that create jobs – such as infrastructure, energy and transport.

Our political parties tend to focus on short-term politics, rather than long-term economic problems. They fail to understand that political economy is about longer-term solutions that also bring ben우리카지노efits.

As long as Europe’s major economies continue to rely on exports and their reliance on trade to pay for their current and projected deficits, the economic damage will continue to accumulate.