Academic questions qld health payroll inquiry

Academic questions qld health payroll inquiry

1st February 2014

The Federal Government is facing a public relations nightmare after a Federal Research Council (FRC) report that suggested some students are struggling to access education due to the cost of living.

The report says universities are paying a “very high” fee for students to graduate.

The report comes as the cost of university fees in Queensland climbed to $1.34 billion in October 2012, the latest quarter, up $0.6 on year on year and up a whopping $3.3 billion on a year on year basis.

The figure is higher than expected, although up $1.1 billion on a year on year basis last year.

“It is pretty concerning,” Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk said.

“How far can that funding go?

“We are doing the best we can on the cost of education — it’s up about 7 per cent over the last 12 months.

“I think there is going to be some people scratching their heads about this.

“But I do think it will all be put to bed by one or two years in terms of some degree of financial stability.”

Education spokesperson for바카라 the FRC, Greg O’Connell, said he found it “troubling”.

“We believe the cost of living has increased and therefore we understand the need to protect universities and this issue is probably where this kind of expense needs to be dealt with,” he said.

“Unfortunately for the Government, the price of living in Queensland has now increased to the point wher더킹카지노e there are university fees that are costing the university nothing, in a year when they could be in a position to cut their costs in an overall sense.”

The FRC’s report on Queensland universities says they would be better off for the FRC to spend their annual budget as they go forward and if those extra funds were available.

It recommends spending $200 million a year at current rates and $300 million a year by 2025.

Universities spokesman for the FRC, Professor Anthony Gorman, said the figure used was a rough estimate, but he believed it showed many institutions were unable to pay their fair share.

“I think this is a matter we will have to look at,” he said.

“There ajarvees.comre no hard and fast figures on what the average fee is, but I would be surprised if it was less than what is paid by government and for those universities tha