Ugandan peacekeeper shot dead in darfur, the highest-profile peace deal in the country since the war

Ugandan peacjarvees.comekeeper shot dead in darfur, the highest-profile peace deal in the country since the war.

A UN official told the AFP news agency the peacekeepers were attacked in the country’s east, in Ndungwe, and were not in the country’s southwest, which has a substantial ethnic population of Tutsis.

The official said there was no immediate information on casualties on the ground.

But the agency reported that the army had warned that “the killing of peacekeepers is unacceptable and a war crime”.

The peacekeepers were trying to arrest rebel leader Juvenal Habyarimana, who is in police custody on charges of murder and rape.

The president of Uganda’s opposition party said his nation could have been “encompassed by a massive terrorist attack on the very same day in which our leaders celebrated their victory in the peace talks”.

Ncule Barry said there could have been more than 50 peacekeepers killed as the rebels “too더킹카지노k advantage” of the peace initiative.

Rights groups including Amnesty International say that violence against peacekeepers, or other troops, is widespread and often involves serious human rights abuses, often with soldiers killed.

Dog attack may have killed sa man

Dog attack may have killed sa man

Sydney man was beaten by dogs as he sat on bike near bus station, police say

A South Australian man was attacked by a dog while sitting on a bike near a bus stop, police say.

Police said that about 6.45pm on Monday a man walking home in Caulfield received an attack by a white two-year-old male dog.

media_camera A man walks home from Caulfield with a broken arm after he was attacked by a two-year-old black pit bull dog. Picture: Jason Phelan

“It came from the side of the road about 40m east of Caulfield and there was a dog on the ground,” Detective Inspector Bruce Leung said.

“(He) then heard someone saying ‘get down, get down’. It’s about 12-15 metres away from the bus stop.”

The attack continued and the dog bit Mr Leung in the leg and chest area. The victim was taken to A우리카지노delaide’s Royal Adelaide Hospital, where he later die우리카지노d.

Witnesses described the incident as “pretty awful”.

“They were chasing the dog from the side, the dog was chasing from the side,” witness Tom Poon told the Age.

“It’s not a dog dog; it’s actually a dog pitbull.

“It came for him as he came back from the bus stop at a dead stop.

“A small dog attacked and it took him off the road into a ditch and on to his path for quite a while before he turned the corner.”

Another witness, who did not want to be named, told Daily Mail Australia that police had opened an investigation into the incident.

media_camera People walk along the road outside the Caulfield bus station after receiving an incident involving a black pit bull dog in the area. Picture: Darren England

“They found out yesterday morning what had happened, but then it was decided that we wouldn’t be talking to the press about what we’re doing to investigate,” she said.

“The dog has been in our area for quite some time now, so we thought we were 우리카지노at a risk and I thought there might be a chance of another attack.

“We didn’t expect him to be this aggressive and this pitbull-type dog, not only had it never been known to attack humans before but he had already got a few dogs in it.

“It was pretty much th