President duterte to meet chinas president in historic visit

President duterte to meet chinas president in historic visit?

JAYA: In Davao, Duterte’s decision to meet the leader of the Filipino National Union of Journalists (PNUJ) is expected to create a stir. The two leaders will be at a joint press conference before the National Press Club (NPCC) in Davao City at noon Sunday (May 2).

JUBA: The US President Donald Trump recently made a trip to우리카지노 the Philippines in an attempt to make peace between the Philippine and US administrations. In the wake of the trip Trump’s Secretary of State Rex Tillerson has said the two countries would soon be discussing a rang우리카지노e of issues, some of which are important for the bilateral relationship.

The Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte has always been one of the sharpest critics of the US President Donald Trump’s policies on various issues in the region and the world. Duterte has called Trump a traitor for us바카라사이트ing the US presidential election as a means to distract people from the ongoing crime crisis and drug trafficking.

The President also called for the reinstatement of the death penalty but has yet to announce what kind of punishment he would decide upon for any crimes. As president Duterte has already executed thousands of individuals who had committed crime or were caught in illegal activities.


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